Dann Bryant

Spiritual Director

Dann BryantDann has served in various pastoral capacities at Arcade Church for the last 15 years. He has attended Arcade for over 40 years and even enjoyed a membership at Del Norte in the early 1960’s. Pastor Dann is passionate about Del Norte and our members. He is very athletically involved and has competed in several endurance events over the years. Work outs at Del Norte are very important to him and never wants to miss an opportunity to be with people and workout.

Dann believes that each of us was created in three parts body, emotions, & spirit. To be completely healthy we need to be healthy in each of those areas. Since our spiritual lives usually aren’t focused on as much as the other two that is the area where Dann wants to help folks. You will find him to be nurturing and open to discuss whatever might be on your mind spiritually. You might need a bit of encouragement, prayer, spiritual consultation, or just have questions on spiritual topics. Whatever it might be Dann is available for you. You can stop him at the club and share a cup of coffee to talk casually or schedule a time for a more in depth talk. You can reach Dann at 916 972-1617 x120. Or you can email him at dannb@arcadechurchonline.com.